1st letter of the 1st word goes into position.

The length of each word is indicated by the spaces.

Slide the letters into place to try and discover the solution.

A Clueless Minute is the ultimate achievement awarded by solving the puzzle in less than 1 minute without using any clues.

Additional Clues are available to help solve each puzzle.

Using Clues reduces the total points that are able to be scored.

Using all of the Clues is often required to solve the puzzle in less than 5 minutes.

When a correct word is formed it will turn green.

When the puzzle is solved the points are awarded.

The Game Statistics screen displays all the relevant data including the player Ranking.

Rankings start at Trainee and go all the way up to Genius.

Intuitive and a pleasure to play, DUOWORD PUZZLES™ is challenging and fun.
It will give your brain a good workout, help improve your word building skill,
enhance your vocabulary and provide enormous entertainment .


The Aim

A unique, creative, word building conundrum, where it is a race against time as you have 5 minutes to discover the correct 14 letter, 2 word solution.

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The Start

The length of each word and the 1st letter of the 1st word are two clues provided to get you started.

Solve a puzzle without using any additional clues in one minute or less and score double points by achieving a CLUELESS MINUTE.

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Using Clues

More clues are available to help solve the puzzle if required but they will reduce the points that can be scored. Clues can be selected in the order that you choose to use them.

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The Solution

When the correct two word solution has been placed both words will have turned green and points will be awarded.

If your 1st attempt to solve the puzzle is unsuccessful, don’t despair,  you can TRY AGAIN or you can REVEAL the SOLUTION.

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