DUOWORD PUZZLES™ A unique, creative, word building conundrum, where it is a race against time as you have 5 minutes to discover the correct 14 letter, 2 word solution.

  • 2 starting clues are provided: the length of each word and the 1st letter of the 1st word.
  • 13 remaining letters are ready in the STARTING GRID for you to start placing.
  • Build words by sliding the letters into the solution position or select and place them.
  • You can easily shuffle or mix the letters to help discover potential words.
  • You can quickly clear the letters back to the STARTING GRID with a touch of the screen.
  • Solve the puzzle in less than 1 minute without  using  any additional clues and score 400 points by achieving a CLUELESS MINUTE  . (A satisfaction guaranteed experience.)
  • The clock is ticking and there are points to score.
  • 6 additional clues are available to use but they will reduce the points available.
  • All available clues will often be needed to solve the puzzle before the time runs out.
  • When a correct word is formed it will change color and turn green.
  • If unsuccessful, don’t despair, you can opt to TRY AGAIN with points still available to score.
  • Accrue Bonus Helper rewards with every level reached.
  • Check out the GAME STATISTICS page to see your game averages, how many CLUELESS MINUTES achieved, RANKING  and much more.
  •  In the first available series of 2000 combinations the two words are often related to each other.   (Helpful hint)

IAP Helper Packs and additional Puzzle packs are available:

  • Helper Pack 20 Bonus Clues, 20 Try Again and 10 Solution Reveals bundled together.
  •  Premium Puzzle Packs in Batches of 200 Puzzles.
  • Value Pack  get the remaining 1800 puzzles in  the  1st Series of  2000 puzzles  and save $$$.

The first 200 puzzles are free to play with 10 each of the BONUS CLUES, TRY AGAIN attempts and SOLUTION REVEAL helpers included.

Requires iOS 7 suitable for ipad and iphone.  First release US English version only.

  • Rating 4+
  • Suitable ages 10+
  • License Agreement – Apple’s Standard License Agreement.

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