How to play

Select Play from the main menu, then select the Batch followed by the Group and then select the puzzle to play.

14 letters are displayed alphabetically, in two rows of 7 in the starting grid (top section of the screen).

The 1st letter of the 1st word is a free clue and is automatically placed in to the solution (bottom section of the screen). This letter will turn green and lock into position. The 5 minute timer starts counting down and will turn red for the last minute.

Slide the letters into position from the starting grid to the solution spaces to build words, select Mix to shuffle them in the grid, or Clear to return them to the grid. Select Clues for another piece of the puzzle to be placed.

There is an exact matching 2 word solution that uses all 14 letters.

The first attempt allows 5 minutes to find the solution. This is the period when maximum points can be scored.

A TRY AGAIN attempt allows 5 more minutes with half the points available.

The aim

Score maximum points by solving the puzzle in the first 5 minutes using as few clues as possible.

A TRY AGAIN option allows another 5 minute attempt with half the points available.

Solve the puzzle without using any clues in less than a minute to score double points. CLUELESS MINUTE


3 additional clues are always available to be used if required. Select the Clues option at the bottom of the screen for another letter to be placed in the solution and it will turn green locking into position.

The points available to be collected will reduce with each Clue used. The Clues can be selected in any order.

Three BONUS CLUES can also be used per puzzle, when available, without any scoring reduction.

The Bonus Clues are awarded at each level reached which is after every 1000 points have been scored and allow the player to nominate any position in the solution that they want placed. The space selected will be filled by the correct letter which will turn green and lock into position. Bonus Clues are also available IAP.


  • Puzzle solved without using any clues in less than one minute CLUELESS MINUTE 400 points.
  • Puzzle solved without using any clues in more than one minute 200 points.
  • The Clue that is the last letter of the second word reduces the score that is available by 25 points.
  • The Clue that is the last letter of the first word reduces the score that is available by 35 points.
  • The Clue that is the first letter of the second word reduces the score that is available by 40 points.
  • Puzzle solved in first 5 minutes with all Clues used then the total points won will be 100 points.
  • Bonus Clues when available can be used without penalty at a rate of 3 per puzzle.
  • TRY AGAIN total points available will be 100 points.

GAME STATISTICS select this page to see overall performance data that can be shared with friends on Facebook.

REPLAY MODE is available in the Menu with no points available to be collected. This allows any unsolved puzzles to be solved in the future and also allows the puzzles to be replayed many times but without points being available.


1: The two words in the solution can usually be related to each other in some way.  See example below.


2: When the complete correct word is formed by placing the letters in the solution spaces the word will change to green and lock into position. The individual letter Clues also will turn green as they are selected and lock into position.

3After 1 minute has elapsed it is a good strategy to start using clues and try to solve the shorter word if there is a shorter word.

4: Using all Clues in the 1st attempt is advisable if unable to solve the puzzle in that period. This will ensure maximizing the points available in the TRY AGAIN attempt.


At the completion of each puzzle the option to Close or Play Next Puzzle will be offered. Select Play Next Puzzle to continue or Close to stop play.


Selecting Menu will display a range of options. Exit Puzzle, Game Statistics, Reveal Solution, Play Next Puzzle or Cancel.

When Exit Puzzle is chosen a warning will appear to quit and selecting yes will return to the Batch and Group of Puzzles with the results displayed. Selecting the back arrow will return to the start screen.


  • Helper Pack: 20 Bonus Clues, 20 Try Again and 10 Solution Reveals bundled together.
  • 9 Premium Puzzle Packs in Batches of 200 Puzzles .
  • Value Pack  get the remaining 1800 puzzles in  the  1st Series of  2000 puzzles  and save $$$.


As rated by average points scored per puzzle attempted

  • TRAINEE <100
  • APPRENTICE 100 -149
  • GRADUATE 150 -189
  • PRO 190 -219
  • MASTER  220 -239
  • WIZARD 239 -249
  •  GENIUS 250+

Download Tutorial

Please download our Tutorial PDF here.