DUOWORD  PUZZLES™  is a word puzzle  concept created by Robert Fraser  with the software  being developed by Michael Gilbert . The idea  to develop  the concept into an app commenced in 2013 with the first version of the  iOS app being available from April 2015.

However, the  DUOWORD  PUZZLES™  concept was initially created in 1998 to help promote Robert Fraser’s  board game  called DUOWORD ® from which the DUOWORD  PUZZLES™  concept had been derived. The board game DUOWORD ® involves making two words from 14 letters on a strategic board. It is a  dynamic and advanced word game that offers superior word building power.

For the next 15 years DUOWORD  PUZZLES™  sat idle until Robert Fraser  got the idea that it would be an ideal concept to develop into an app.  The work commenced  during 2013 and through the involvement of Michael Gilbert in 2014, who had previously programmed a  version of DUOWORD ® in 2006, the concept became a development.

DUOWORD  PUZZLES™   is a fast paced, mentally stimulating challenge that will provide plenty of entertainment.

Can you find the exact two word solution  that uses all 14 letters in less than 5 minutes?

DUOWORD  PUZZLES™  will enhance word building skill, give the brain a good workout and improve the  vocabulary.


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